• Inexpensive
  • Bargain priced
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy
Price: $23.95

    This is the vise that we have been waiting for, one that holds hooks securely while you work, but didn't break the bank. This appears to be a high performance, and very low risk piece of equipment. The Zephr vise is ideally suited for flies in the size-2 through size-16 range, which covers most of the sizes of flie that most anglers tie. The jaws are cam-locked, and when new they hold a variety of hooks securely. This vise is very compact for travelling, as well as inexpensive enough for the casual fly tier, or any beginner who just wants to tie a few flies to see if he/she likes it.
    It appears that this vise will hold shanks and tube fly tools securely, as well as hooks. Be cautious about over tightening the jaws or you might prematurely wear out the tightening lever. Lubrication at the friction point seems to be a good idea.