• Wombat Steelhead Flies
  • 4 productive colors
  • Medium weighted
  • Lots of seductive action
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $3.50

    Wombat Steelhead Flies

    As tied by innovative Northwest fly tier, Brian Kite, the Wombat is a traditional marabou pattern with a couple modern twists added to it. Here is what Brian says about it. The fly was created primarily as a guide pattern since marabou is inexpensive and easy to tie with. Traditional marabous are typically tied on long-shank or heavy wire salmon hooks. We have found that the longer shank hooks tend to work them selves out of a fish's mouth due to the amount of leverage applied when playing a fish. This fly replaces the long shank with a stinger hook to eliminate the "leverage factor" and also provides for some flexibility on the style of stinger hook you can use. Just remember to tie the stinger loop long enough to allow simple change out of stinger hooks. I also added lead eyes to the fly to get it down quicker and then wrapped them up with some "ice-dub" to add a hint of flash. The butt of the fly also has some built up ice-dub to set a larger profile when the marabou is wrapped. This fly was designed to be very versatile in nature. It can be tied large and small, can use any color combination in the visible spectrum, can be tied in white colors for Dollie Vardens, flesh colors for Alaska trout, can be dead drifted on a nymph rig, center-pinned on a float rig, swung or stripped.