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Wheetley 1461 Aluminum Fly Box, 30-clips, picture
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Wheatley 1461 Aluminum Fly Box The perfect shirt pocket size box for carrying a days selection of classic salmon/steelhead flies for the minimalist angler.

Wheatley Aluminum Fly Box Shell Wheatley, Aluminum Fly Box Shell, for a wide variety of flies, tor trout flies, for salmon and steelhead flies
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Construct your own Custom Aluminum Wheatley fly box, or let us do it for you. Now you can own a genuine English made Richard Wheatley anodized aluminum fly box that has been customized just for you. The 9601 Series of Wheatley boxes come in 6 colors and with 3 different foam pad inserts or 3 different fly clip inserts. That gives you the choice of many different combinations and many different configurations. Pick your aluminum shell color and then pick two of the foam pads to suit your needs....

95001 Richard Wheatley Clear-Site Fly Box, picture
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Richard Wheatley Clear-Site fly boxes are constructed from lightweight, clear, unbreakable ABS. These economical boxes are designed for the discerning fisherman and fly tying experts. There are 7 models, 4 with different compartment configurations. Each compartment divider fits flush into the lid, ensuring contents cannot move from one compartment to another. Each box has a stainless steel hinge pin meant to last forever.There is also a molded, streamlined, positive latch system; easy to open,...

Wheatley Clip Insert Wheatley Clip Insert
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Wheatley Clips InsertThe Richard Wheatey Company went into business in 1860, and has been putting spring clips in their aluminum fly boxes since around 1904. Started in Great Briton the Richard Wheatley manufacturing was sold in 2013 to REC in USA.

Wheatley fly box pouch, front view with fly box
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Item #: fly box pouch -

Made to accommodate 6" Wheatley aluminum or Clear-Site fly boxes, this pouch is designed to be attached to your belt or waders using the loops on the back. Constructed of tough nylon with velcro fastening flap, this pouch will keep your fly selection close to hand when and where you need it.

Wheatley Foam Insert Wheatley Foam Insert
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