Wading Staffs for your comfort and safety.

Sometimes your best friend is your wading staff.

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The Custom Wading Staff as delivered in the neoprene sheath.
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A staff is essential for wading some rivers. Using this folding aluminum wading staff is easy. Each one comes with a neoprene sheath that attaches to your wading belt. We recommend purchasing a heavy duty retractor to attach the staff to the sheath. The staff can be carried in the sheath, and pulled from it when needed. When the staff is pulled from the sheath, it automatically assembles itself because of the tension provided by a heavy duty shock cord within the staff. The Custom Wading Staff...

Picture, Simms Wading Staff, unfolded, unsheathed
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New! Simms Wading StaffThere when you need it, for additional stability when making a river crossing.

Super Folstaf Wading Staff Super Folstaf Wading Staff
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Super Folstaf The first popular folding wading staff, and still one of the most popular wading staffs available now, 47 years later. Super Folstafs are nicely packaged and are great gifts for any angler. ...