Footwear is of prime importance to every wading angler. Traction determines the anglers' performance and safety. A great pair of wading shoes provides a stable platform from which to cast and present the fly... and land fish.

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Shimano Evair are the perfect travel shoes for the tropics, or camping on a river in the Pacific Northwest.
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Ultra-comfortable! Great deck shoes with soft, gripping, non-marking soles. Easy on, easy off."Just like some footwear allegedly helps NBA stars make a slam dunk starting at the free throw-line, these Shimano EVAIR Shoes, can make it easy for a 200-pound elderly man to defeat many different sizes and kinds of game fish while fly fishing comfortably from a boat", Mark.EVAIR Shoes are perfect for camp and casual wear. Men, women & larger kids will enjoy Shimano Evair shoes. Men's sizes #6 - #13 ...

Korkers K-5 Bomber Changeable Traction Wading Shoes Korkers K-5 Bomber Changeable Traction Wading Shoes
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Korkers K5 Bomber Wading Shoes Several members of the high profile fishing staff at The Fly Fishing Shop wear Korkers K5 Bomber wading shoes. One such angler is Tony Barnes (pictured below), who fishes for steelhead several days each week. Tony does a lot of hiking, and we are pretty sure that if the Korkers K5 Bomber wading shoes perform for Tony, they will hold up for other aggressive type anglers as well. Tony says, "You can't tell much about how good a pair of wading shoes is the first...

Korkers Devils Canyon, Kling on Soles with Felt Korkers Devils Canyon, Kling on Soles with Felt
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Hydrophobic materials faster dry times lessen the ?chance of spreading invasive species. Durability enhanced midsole, rubberized anti-abrasion synthetic material, reduced seams, recessed triple-stitched uppers and molded toe cap.Drainage integrated, large drainage ports and internal drainage channels reduce water weight.Comfort unique stretch upper cuff provides athletic, glove-like fit. M2 BOoa lacing system quick on/off and custom fit.2 lbs 14 oz per pairBest value in a wading boot out...

Korkers Wraptr wading shoes with Klingon and Felt soles, picture
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Korkers Wraptr Wading Shoes Korkers is a Portland, Oregon based company...the hometown boys so to speak. We actually were Korkers very first dealer ever. That was about 5 or 6 generations of wading shoes ago and both we and Korkers have changed a lot in that time. So have their wading shoes. The Wraptr is the latest in a long series of innovation. The changeable OmniTrax sole design is proven over the last three years. It is just better than anything else out there. Wading shoes have to be...

Simms Flats Sneakers Simms Flats Sneakers
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Many of the most rewarding flats missions involve little more than an ankle-deep stroll on an incoming tide. There you'll find numerous underwater microenvironments: from white sand to coral, volcanic rock, and lemon shark infested turtle grass. But no matter where your feet land the Flats Sneaker keeps you within casting range, with over-the-ankle coverage and Schoeller-dynatec panels for unmatched support and puncture resistance.

Simms Freestone Boot, Felt  Simms Freestone Boot, Felt
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THE CLASSIC, REBORNReengineered from the ground up, Simms? classic Freestone? Boot?in felt?features gold-standard stability and support at a price that won?t break the bank. Source classic style and bomber durability from the synthetic full-grain leather and scratch rubber upper. A neoprene-lined collar enhances all-around hiking and wading comfort. And navigate the slick and unruly with confidence thanks to Simms? proven StreamTread? platform.MEN'S WADING BOOT SIZE CHARTTo allow proper room...

Simms G3 Guide Boot, Vibram Sole Simms G3 Guide Boot, Vibram Sole
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Central Montana is home to cowboys, roughnecks, and fly fishers, all with three defining traits?spurs, steel toes, and Simms. For those occupying the latter category, Simms? G3 Guides? raise the bar with a RiverTread? platform bolstered by proprioception, which minimizes rigid underfoot materials in order to enhance feel whether on the trail or in the water. Additional features include TPU molded heel clips that lock in fit, while the neoprene lining stacks cushioning where it counts, keeping...

Simms Replacement Laces Simms Replacement Laces
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Wading shoe laces wear out pretty quick. You would to, if you were submerged for hours, stepped-on, drug through the tall grass and weeds, covered with mud and left in the hot sun. These are the best replacement laces you can buy.

Wading Shoe Understanding

The selection of wading shoes may be as important as your rod and reel. Wading shoes enable you to get into position to make your presentation to the fish. Your wading shoes should fit so that you can wiggle all of your toes, but should fit close enough so that the rest of your foot doesn't slide around inside your boots. Wading shoes should be chosen for fit as first option, traction for second option and features for the third option. Wading should be relaxed and comfortable.

Your wading shoes should protect your foot and ankle, but allow full circulation to keep your fee warm during cold water months. You might consider a separate, larger pair of wading shoes for winter, so that extra socks can be worn. Many anglers wear boot foot waders during winter.

Be sure to check and replace worn shoe laces when needed, and inspect your traction devices often. For further evidence, read this: Maintaining Your Wading Shoes