Footwear is of prime importance to every wading angler. Traction determines the anglers' performance and safety. A great pair of wading shoes provides a stable platform from which to cast and present the fly... and land fish.

Wading Shoe Understanding

The selection of wading shoes may be as important as your rod and reel. Wading shoes enable you to get into position to make your presentation to the fish. Your wading shoes should fit so that you can wiggle all of your toes, but should fit close enough so that the rest of your foot doesn't slide around inside your boots. Wading shoes should be chosen for fit as first option, traction for second option and features for the third option. Wading should be relaxed and comfortable.

Your wading shoes should protect your foot and ankle, but allow full circulation to keep your fee warm during cold water months. You might consider a separate, larger pair of wading shoes for winter, so that extra socks can be worn. Many anglers wear boot foot waders during winter.

Be sure to check and replace worn shoe laces when needed, and inspect your traction devices often. For further evidence, read this: Maintaining Your Wading Shoes