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Picture, Simms Freestone Waders, 2019 model, standing full length
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Simms Freestone, Best Waders Under $300 Embrace the deep wade. Corner comfort. And access the untrammeled, unscathed in Simms' Freestone Stockingfoots, powered by a Toray QuadraLam perimeter that breathes easy, repels water, and bushwhacks with aplomb. Angler-driven architecture includes articulated engineering, with center leg-seam construction that prioritizes fit. Toast icy digits inside the fleece-lined reach-through hand warmer pocket. Conveniently convert from chest- to waist-high level...

Picture, Simms G3 Stockingfoot Waders, no person in the picture
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Order a pair of Simms G4 Pro Waders and receive a Custom Logo Wader Bag for FREE! Purchase the same waders in our store and receive the same deal! Simms G3 Guide Waders Utilizing GORE-TEX® Pro Shell, the G3 provides optimal balance of reliability, breathability and all-day comfort. The G3 has all the in-river essentials you need, with legendary Simms durability that can stand up to heavy use in rugged conditions. 3 chest pockets provide ample storage and hand-warming zones, while sore feet are...

Most fly fishing involves wading. All Spey fishing for salmon and steelhead involves wading. Any experienced fishing guide can pretty much tell how his day is going to go, just by looking at your wading gear. If you are dressed like the two gentlemen in the picture above, he's already figuring that it's going to be a good day. Wading gear that is worn, but in good repair tells your guide that you are experienced too. If your gear is worn out or in bad repair, you are going to suffer from the discomfort and distractions of being wet and cold. Your performance will suffer too. Good wading gear is your first line of defense against harsh weather. In extreme conditions, it might even determine your survival.

Wading gear is expensive. As a matter of fact, a good set of waders will cost you nearly as much as a really good fly rod, or a set of golf clubs, or a rifle. When you look at it that way, maybe a set of waders isn't so expensive after all, since none of the other items listed can keep you warm and dry.

When you are done fishing for the day, hang your waders where they can dry. If your feet are damp from perspiration, turn your waders inside-out so that the inside of your wader feet are dry when you put them on in the morning. The worst thing you can do to a pair of waders is to put them away wet inside a container that won't let them dry. Mildew isn't kind to your waders.

The best waders are made in USA. They are made by SIMMS.