Price: $39.95

    Designed as a running line for shooting-head systems. Hollow monofilament line with eight channels running through the nylon, and a unique �slick� coating. High riding, super lightweight line for smooth, long, effortless shooting-head casting on large waters and wide rivers.

    The VARIVAS Airs Shooting Line has become very popular with distance casters and steelhead/salmon anglers who want to reach our further. Simply stated, AIRS reduces friction while running through your guides. You will instantly notice the difference between this and any other shooting line we are aware of. The secret is the eight air chambers that run lengthwise inside the line, which gives AIRS its floatation, and also gives it a slightly ridged cross-section on the outside for less contact with rod guide surfaces. Varivas AIRS remains supple even in winter cold water conditions for tangle-free performance. You will have to stretch it as it comes off the reel spool and then it remains straight for that casting period. Ideal for Scandinavian and Skagit style shooting heads. Hi-viz yellow for great visibility. Supplied in 100m spools (approximately 110 yards)