• Undertaker Steelhead Fly
  • Very dark fly with a small, but very bright 2-tone color spot.
  • Proven to be deadly on overcast days
  • 3-sizes
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    Undertaker Steelhead Fly

    This fly is believed to have originated on the east coast of North America as an Atlantic salmon pattern. With its peacock herl body, black hackle and wing, it is a very dark fly that silhouettes against heavy cloud covered sky and the dying light of late evening. It is well proven as a very good fly for steelhead during periods of glacial silt. It has just enough color at the butt and enough sparkle in the body to elicit curiosity. Small, dark flies are often productive comeback flies for fish that have been moved with larger or brighter colored flies, but which have been proven to be players, but not biters. Carry some size for just such occasions. If the fish still won't move, walk fifty feet upstream and throw a couple of half hitches behind the eye of the hook to keep the fly near the surface.