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    Jack Dennis
    SNAKE RIVER BOOKS, January 2005
    Subject Category: Fly Tying Videos
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    ISBN: 026-000007-8DVD
    Gary LaFontaine, Jack Dennis, & Mike Lawson show how to tie various caddisfly patterns, & demonstrate how to fish them on rivers such as the Henry's Fork and Green River. Step-by-step tying instruction on the sparkle caddis, diving caddis, caddis pupa & others. DVD; 120 min.

    Join well known caddisfly expert Gary LaFontaine, as he, Mike Lawson and Jack Dennis demonstrate in minute detail. With Jack Dennis, this is the ideal DVD for fly tyers wishing to expand their skills.
    How to tie expert caddis flies with streamside footage on how to fish them. Gary LaFontaine demonstrates how to fish his patterns on the Green and Yellowstone Rivers while Mike Lawson fishes his still water patterns on the Henry's Fork.

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    Video - Tying and Fishing Caddisflies

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    This DVD, while re-formated from VHS or other low-def sources, is still very useful and enjoyable. It would be worth the price just for the fishing footage/fishing tips found on the 2nd DVD! But of course, the instructions on how to tie the specific flies, plus seeing those specific flies in action and catching fish, is the main purpose of this video. The explanations of WHY the flies are tied the way they are, and WHY they are so versatile on the water, makes this video stand out from many of the typical "recipe card" style magazine and video fly tying instructions.