• Turkey Biot Quills
  • 2 flight quills
  • Biots from leading edge of flight quills
  • Used for tails, bodies, and wing cases on flies
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    • Black
    • Brown
    • Callibaetis
    • Gray
    • Mohagany
    • Morning Dun
    • Rusty Spinner
    • Winged Olive

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    Biots are barbules from the leading edge of flight feather (primary) wing quills. They are comparatively flat in cross section, are pliable, durable and tapered in profile. Biots from certain larger birds are popular material for fly tying. The most common biots used for fly tying com from turkey or goose flight feathers, but biots from any bird flight feathers could be used for certain applications.Turkey biots are normally larger than goose biots and have a distinctive darker colored edge that accents the segmentation effect when wrapped as fly body material.