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    by Henrik Mortensen
    All fly fishers dream of the perfect catch. This happens through a combination of a perfectly executed cast and the unique ability to fish the fly with ultimate deception. The first step, the art of casting the fly, is the most fundamental building block of a fly fisher who seeks excellence. In this film, you will be exposed to fly casting dynamics from several unique perspectives in camera angles, chalkboard drawings and animations. It will become apparent that Mr. Mortensen is able to deliver remarkable line-speed, distance and accuracy with both single and two-hand outfits. His theories work and they are explained on a novice level. However there are many demonstrations that will make the most accomplished anglers watch this show several times. The fundamentals of the underhand casting techniques popular with Scandinavian salmon anglers is well illustrated. The setting is a tour of Iceland's most exclusive and productive salmon rivers. There are many very, very fresh, very wild chrome plated Atlantic Salmon landed during the show. You won't get tired of looking at them. The sound track is easy to listen to, just the right amount of upbeat music and just the right amount of reels singing and bubbly water. Henrik Mortensen loves salmon. You get to know this as the story unfolds. The presentation of tips is very subtle and in many cases you might think that you were merely being entertained rather than instructed. Casting & Fishing Video: 90 minutes, DVD Format