The Measure Net offers anglers mobility and the ease of measuring their catch without ever having to touch the fish: protecting fish while still enjoying the sport.

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Measure Net, Guide Net Measure Nets allow you to measure your fish while it is in the net bag. These economical nets are made of strong aluminum tubing with a durable rubber handle that allows the net to float. The bag is made from soft, fish-friendly material and the rubber handles make it easy to hang on to. Net bags can be removed with a zipper for cleaning or replacement. Toss the nylon bags in the wash machine to eliminate the odor of decaying fish slime. Jeff Abel, the inventor of the...

The Measure Net

Mark Bachmann, a professional fishing guide, nets a Deschutes River steelhead for a client with a Guide Model Measure Net. data-verified=

Measure Nets are very popular with local fly fishing guides. Even many fly fishing guides who specialize in large fish such as steelhead use Measure Nets. They aid in the survival of wild fish that are going to be released, because the fish doesn't have to be handled as much when being measured or weighed. Believe it or not, a twenty pound steelhead will fit into a Guide Model Measure Net. The Guide model accurately measures fish up to 40-inches. (The steelhead in the picture above is only about seven pounds, and it fits into the net easily).

Here is a large Sandy River, Oregon steelhead caught by professional fishing guide Tony Barnes, which has been landed using a Measure Net.

The picture above is of a large steelhead in a Guide Model Measure Net. The fish's tail is extended quite a ways above the net rim, and all fish in nets look smaller than they are because of photo perspective. There is no doubt that your aim and timing have to be pretty good when netting fish this large with a net bow diameter of this size, but it has been done many times with good results. All the sizes of Measure Nets have proven to be durable and practical, even under heavy use from fishing guides. Measure Nets are also very cost effective in comparison to other landing nets.