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Small Custom Waterproof Fly Box - closed
Price: $13.99-$15.99
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: FG 14 -

These two NEW convenient models of custom waterproof fly boxes will put a grin on your face. They are strong and durable, made from clarified ABS plastic, and feature positive snap tight latches and stainless steel hinge pins. High density, custom made, long lasting slit foam liners will hold tons of flies. Watertight rubber gaskets seal each lid securely and provide a barrier against the elements. These boxes are built for portability in a vest or jacket pocket. Each is designed for trout...

Magnum Waterproof Double-Sided Fly Box Magnum size, Waterproof, Double-Sided, Fly Box, for larger flies, such as stonefly nymphs, summer steelhead flies, trout streamers
Price: $28.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: FG1270 -

This large double-sided fly box has two large slit foam inserts that runs the length of the box and accommodates small to large flies providing a huge storage capacity that ensures you won't have to leave any of your flies at home. It is perfect for larger wet flies such as stonefly nymphs, summer steelhead flies, trout streamers and bonefish flies. Positive latches and water-resistant seals protect your flies from the elements. Has The Fly Fishing Shop Logo, so you know that this box is...

Master Drifter Boat Box, closed, showing external drying pad, picture
Price: $34.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: FG1487 -

Master Drifter Logo Boat Box The Master Drifter Logo Boat Box is designed as a boat box for large wet flies, steelhead/salmon, saltwater streamer flies. The interior foam pads are thick enough to securely hold flies with hooks as small as #8 or as large as 3/0 size. This box is practical to hold flies from 1" long to 6" long. ...

The Fly Fishing Shop Economy Fly Boxes
Price: $3.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: NP- -

These clear, flexible, poly boxes are tough, lightweight, practical and inexpensive. Each model is made to solve a storage problem because they each fit a specific size or type of fly. Obviously, there are a myriad of fly boxes designed for average size trout flies, but what about a box that organizes big dries like the ones you fish during the salmonfly hatch? The 10-compartment fly box is great for those large dries. It will also fit one steelhead waking fly in each compartment while keeping...

Water-resistant Streamer Box
Price: $10.95
Availability: In Stock 1-2 day
Item #: FG1211 -

Water-resistant Streamer Fly Box This box is extremely rugged, and affordable. The slit foam pads will hold a wide variety of flies securely, including summer steelhead and Atlantic salmon flies, intruders, tube flies with the hooks installed in hook holders, trout, bass, and saltwater streamers. It is also a secure container for transporting cell phones, electronic keys and other small sensitive equipment. ...