TFO Prism 911 Best Buy Large Arbor Spey Reel, quartering, picture
  • TFO Prism 911 Best Buy Large Arbor Spey Reel, quartering, picture
  • TFO Prism 911 Best Buy Large Arbor Spey Reel, inside, picture
  • TFO Prism 911 Best Buy Large Arbor Spey Reel, front, picture
On Sale!
  • Large Arbor Spey Reel
  • Reg. $109.95, NOW $59.95 Awesome Price
  • Hundreds sold, proven dependable
  • Perfect size and weight to balance with medium size Spey rods.
Retail: $109.95
Price: $59.95
You Save: $50.00 (45.5%)
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TFO Prism 911 Spey Reel - 0n Sale - a great reel at the best price!

TFO Prism reels are well made to give longe lasting service, now on sale!

We have sold this reel for the past nine years. None have been returned for any reason. The 911 has been our pet combo Spey reel, with hundreds sold. TFO decided to close them out and we bought all of them, so you can save a lot of money on a great reel. Featuring genuine bronze pushing and stainless steel internal parts, these reels really last, (like the one below, which belongs to Tony Barnes since 2011, and caught dozens of steelhead)

This TFO Prism reel belongs to professional fishing guide, Tony Barnes who has used it since 2011.

There is no better word than proven! This is the best buy you will encounter on a steelhead Spey Reel.

Overall Customer Rating of 4 Reviews:

TFO Prism Large Arbor Spey Reel

I recently purchased these reels. After years of using other manufacturer's reels, these reels are solidly built. The reels have large arbors allowing enough backing and line to put a variety both integrated lines or shooting line and heads. While I cannot speak for the Spey Purist, these reels will be used for catching Strippers, Salmon and Atlantic Salmon.

I changed the reels pickup directions from left to right with Mark's Guidance. It is reasonably simple. But does require care. Let the gang at the shop do it for you.

The prices of reels has become astronomical to the point of scary. After 57 years of fly fishing, I think this is a great value in a large arbor reels, whether you use as a backup or as your primary reel.

Love the reel. I'm a sucker for bargin steelhead tackle to keep with my backup rod or second rigging. Was able to fit 150 yards of backing, rio grip shooter ( pretty thick shooting line) airflow gen2 skagit 510 and 12 ft of t11 perfectly on this reel.

Oak Island ,NC

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Smooth great price point for the product.

TFO Prism spey reel

Absolutely awesome reel! Very smooth, lightweight, great drag - and priced less then a fly line!! What a deal. Mark and his crew continue to amaze me with the deals they find.