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  • Rod blank construction uses Graphite and Kevlar
  • Fast action
  • For distance casting
  • Unused
  • Series replaced by Axiom II
  • Comes with original sock
  • no rod case
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    RPM Power Matrix

    Presentation: Factor - 1.5

    Distance: Factor - 2.5

    Lifting: Factor - 1

    Axiom Rods are designed for generating line speed and for distance casting.

    Generally speaking if you are an experienced caster who likes to cast off

    the tip of a rod, you will like Axiom Rods

    Wikipedia defines Axiom as “a self evident truth that requires no proof.” Cast one and you be the judge. Axiom Series rods are the quickest responding rods in the TFO line-up.

    Through a proprietary process, Kevlar is sandwiched between two layers of carbon fiber pre-preg. This patented (US patent pending) process helps reduce the ovaling effect a rod blank experiences under load, creating an exceptionally smooth powerful rod with remarkable damping (tip bounce) qualities. The result is ultra high line speed with crisp, clean, accurate loops.

    Axiom fly rods will be appreciated most by more experienced casters and anglers as they will find the reserve power irresistible when big casts are required. Although capable of short and accurate casts, they will be best suited for medium to large rivers and we predict, will become a favorite of tournament distance casters.

    “Axiom rods generate extreme line speed and can carry long lengths of line without ever bottoming out. While feeling relatively light in the hand, they fire a line like a laser, and unload more smoothly and dampen faster than any rod I’ve cast. For people with a quick casting hand, they are super for distance, and with only a slight deflection they shoot short lines quickly and with great control for presentation with hooks, curve, reach and aerial mends and other presentation casts.” Ed Jaworowski

    “I think of the Axiom rods as “launch pads” because their incredibly smooth power delivery literally rockets the line out on its flight path. To achieve maximum line acceleration, these rods are designed to effect a complete stop at the conclusion of the casting stroke with virtually no remaining vibration. The result is a smooth, shock-free, line trajectory.” Nick Curcione