• The Original Integrated Fast Sinking Shooting Head
  • Designed and Produced by Jim Teeny 1983
  • Weight forward fly line 24' fast sinking tip
  • The most Revolutionary Fly Line of the era.
  • Often Copied, Never Improved or Bested
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $75.00
    Points to Purchase:7500
    Points Earned:750
    Bonus Points Earned:0
    • 130grain, Light Green
    • 200grain, White
    • 300grain, Orange
    • 400grain, Yellow
    • 500grain, Blue

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    Jim Teeny grew up fishing for trout, steelhead and salmon. He figured out in a hurry that the closer to a fish's mouth you put the fly, the more likely the fish will bight it. Most fish are not holding near the surface. Getting the fly to them often involves the use of a sinking fly line. He developed a series of lines that would effectively cover all situations when encountering fish that were holding in normal moving water. They are called the "T" Series. Developed in the early eighties, these were the first of the one-piece, fast-sinking, shooting-head-configuration weight-forward fly lines. The running lines are color coded for easy identification. These lines gained instant recognition as being the most consistent tool for catching anadromous fish in streams around the world, to the point that even the subsequent copies of these lines are often called Teeny Lines. They are just as useful as ever. If you fish for winter steelhead with a single hand fly rod and only have one line, make it a T-300. If you want to cover all the bases carry aT-130, T-200, T-300, T-400 and T-500.