• Tapered Synthetic Quill
  • Printed on transparent polymer
  • Well organized on a sheet
  • Lift to separate with a blade point
  • One edge colored, other edge transparent
  • Durable to handle
  • Easy to use
  • 10X Rewards Points
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    Tapered Synthetic Quill

    Makes tying Perdigon style nymphs easy. These Synthetic Tapered Quills are printed on a transparent polymer sheet, then stamp-cut to perfect shape for tying many sizes of flies. The easiest way to use this product is to assembly-line tie the same pattern in several sizes. 

    Using a striped body Perdigon nymph in #16, #14, #12 as an example: Add the slotted bead to a jig hook, and then 7-10 wraps of .010" lead or lead-free wire. Super glue these components in place. Then hang to let dry. When you have your number of each size (maybe 1 dozen), add the tail and wrap a smooth underbody. It is best to use a thread that is opaque, so that the lead wraps don't show through. Smooth and taper this foundation-underbody with these thread wraps.  Lightly coat this underbody with UV Resin.  Remember that this under-body will show through the transparent parts of the Synthetic Quill over-wrap. Choose your thread color accordingly. Start adding the Sythetic Quill over-wrap to the smallest size flies first, then to the medium size flies second, then to the largest size last. That way you can use all of each quill, and have the proper proportions in the body on each size, and use up each quill efficiently.  Make each wrap so that the dark portion of the quill faces the rear of the body and over-laps the front of the preceding wrap. That will build a body with realistic segmentation. Add a "bright-spot" with fluorescent thread. Coat the entire body with UV resin for durability.