Swing The Fly Magazine, 2019 Volume 1, picture
  • 2019, Volume 1
  • 8 1/2" x 11" format, beautiful 4-color
  • Labor of Love, By: Travis Bradford
  • Non-Typical Lies, By: Rick Kustich
  • Steelhead Fly Signatures, By: Sean Dahlquist
  • A Father's Lesson, By:Jesse Bledsoe
  • The Last Salmon, By: Topher Brown
  • A Step in the Right Direction, By: Jake Crawford/The Native Fish Society
  • Guide's Life, By Steve Morrow
  • Effective Salmon Fly Control, By Jack Monteith
  • Conservation Corner: On the Klamath, By Jake Crawford, Native Fish Society
  • Recipe for Success, By: Nick Chambers/Wild Steelhead United
  • Guide Flies: Nick Pionessa
  • Let the Oarlocks Do the Talking, By: Dan Cuomo
  • Listen to Your Salmon Guide, By: Jock Monteith
  • Windy and Cold: Introduction, By Stephen Kyle
  • Growth, By: Zack Williams
  • The Women of Spey O'Ramma 2018, By: Joanne Chow Winship
  • Hair and Hackle Muddler, By: Steve Bird
  • The Honey Badger, By: James Snyder
  • May Your Alignment Be Your Guide, By Travis Johnson
  • Zulu Swing Variant, By: Armando Quazzo
  • Decisions, A Poem by Mathew Rost
  • Much, much more

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