Swing the Fly Magazine, Volume 2, 2019, picture
  • 2019, Volume 1
  • 8 1/2" x 11" format, beautiful 4-color
  • Places You Go, People You Meet, By: R. Val Atkinson
  • Prawn Flies, By: Sean Dahlquist
  • A Run Disrupted, By: Brett Tallman / Native Fish Society
  • Adapting to Climate Change, By:John McMillan / Wild Steelheaders United
  • Tatto, By: Bill Marts
  • Swing the Fly, By Jeff Hubbard
  • School, By Topher Brown
  • Making the Adjustment, By Rick Kustich
  • Artist Spotlight, Jason Bordash
  • Desert Trout, By: Steve Kyle
  • Considering Lines for Trout Spey, By: Steve Bird
  • Engagement Range, By: George Cook
  • Salmon Fly Soccer, By Jack Moneith
  • Journey to Steelhead Paradise, By: Marcus Mattioli
  • Five Epic Truths of Spring Steelhead, By: Derek Botchford
  • The Perrydox, By: Travis Johnson
  • Marrying Wings, By: Marty Howard
  • Requiem for a Guide, By A.P. Hoag
  • Much, much more

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