Thingamabobber Strike Indicators, With Jam Stop

Thingamabobber Strike Indicators, With Jam Stop ( 14)

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These indicators are soft and squishy, but very durable. They are easy to see, are extremely sensitive, float higher than cork or yarn and are easier to cast. Its design was inspired by western guides who use small balloons as strike indicators for...
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I bought the half inch version for a strike indicator on my fly line. It works as advertised, but did slip down the line a couple of times and took a few feet off of my casts. I do like that you can tie one on when you forget to slip it on your line prior to tying on one or more flies—something we’ve all occasionally done, and I would use them in that situation. I will stick with the indicators that are hard foam with a toothpick stop however that are also sold on this site. Less wind resistance when casting and more vibrant colors for better visability!

Reviews 1-1 of 1