Joe Gert Steelhead Fly, picture

Joe Gert Steelhead Fly (FLYFI010-06)

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Joe Gert Steelhead Fly The Joe Gert was first tied by Mike Duley for Joe The Barber while camping at Gert Canyon on the Deschutes River. To our knowledge, Joe Gert is the first fly to use round rubber leg material for the wing and tail of a...
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Joe gert

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Your fly proportions are very good. The original was tied on a Eagle claw 1197 #6 and the reason for that it fished just under the surface. Fly shops that tied it like the Classic up eye hook. Sure would be nice to see them as designed. There are other real advantages to the down eye hook ( how many fish did you lose on a barbless hook). Commercially tied first by River Born flies by my spect.

Happy fishing Mike Duley.

PS; ifesh has the original story

Reviews 1-1 of 1