• An accessory for rotary vises
  • Designed to make dubbing brushes up to 23 cm (9-inches long)
  • For all kinds of dubbing brushes
  • Adjustable table

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    Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device
    This is the most popular dubbing brush construction tool on the market anywhere in the world.
    Dubbing brushes are not new, but they are gaining in popularity globally. Packaged dubbing brushes are available in our store at a reasonable price. But for some applications, there is little doubt that virgin brushes, those that haven't been smashed flat in a package tie superior flies.

    I was a little dubious that a useful tool for tying legitimate dubbing brushes could come in such a small box. The Stonfo Dubbing Brush Device has proven to be a sturdy, practical tool for building state of the art dubbing brushes. It also is extremely portable, and it all goes back into the box easily.

    Frank Day is a highly skilled builder of dubbing brushes for salmon and steelhead flies. The best of these flies are light and airy with lots of room between the individual fibers for maximum movement. Dubbing brushes that are sparse in nature have maximum appeal. Our brushes are built using stainless steel wire for maximum durability. A popular approach is to think of your dubbing brush winds on your fly to be applied more like ribbing rather than tightly packed bodies.

    More information about the Renzetti Master Vise used in this project.