Great reading for the steelhead enthusiast.
Steelheader's Journal 2019, picture
  • Published annually
  • 8 ½” x 11”, full color glossy, 120-pages
  • Photo Essay – John Day River
  • Special Feature – Winning and Losing the Skagit
  • Destination – Argentina's Santa Cruz
  • Conservation & Management – OP's Queets River
  • Flies & Forage – The Dallas Spey Fly
  • Trending – Presentation Speed
  • And Much More...

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    You might call this the Mechanics Illustrated for Spey fishers. A pragmatic, real world approach to, and portrayal of the sport. There is a lot of "who is," and "how to," written in a very enjoyable style. Most of the people you will see between the covers are good friends of ours. There is a lot of coverage of the Pacific Rim in Steelheader's Journal.