The best lake fly when damsel flies are hatching
  • Damsel dry fly pattern.
  • Realistic low floating pattern
  • Easy to cast
  • Productive
  • Durable
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    Stalcups Deer Hair Damsel, Olive

    Damselflies emerge by crawling from the water, then the back of the nymph splits and the adult insect forces itself from the nymphal shuck. During this metamorphic process, the wings and body parts are soft and the insect is helpless. The emergent insect is olive in color and only turns blue after all the various parts of the exoskeleton and wings harden. This hardening process can take over an hour. Some of these helpless olive damselflies fall into the water where they are eagerly sought out by hungry fish. That is when you use the Stalcups Olive Deer Hair Damselfly.