The best lake fly when damsel flies are mating and laying eggs.
  • Damsel dry fly pattern.
  • Realistic low floating pattern
  • Easy to cast
  • Productive
  • Durable
Price: $2.25
    Points to Purchase:225
    Points Earned:23
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    Stalcups Deer Hair Damsel, Blue

    Damselflies lay their eggs under water. The female damsel is equipped with a sharp instrument on the rear of her abdomen that she uses to penetrate plant stalks so that she can lay her eggs inside. Some will crawl down a stalk and lay eggs while she is submerged others will lay eggs while only the tip of her abdomen is submerged. Egg laying in is exhausting work, and afterword some females drown, and others are just too tired to get off the water. In many cases males will pick them up and rescue them. All this commotion often attracts hungry game fish.