• Squidro
  • Squid fly for anadromous fish
  • Heavily weighted
  • Constructed with durable silicone leg
  • 10X Rewards Points
Price: $3.95


    The Squidro Series was created by legendary steelhead guide, Scott Howell. They are Intruder style flies tied with special silicone leg material.

    Scott says:
    "Once you get past the fact that the Squidro stems from the same branch on the family tree as the bass jig, you can't help but see its sex appeal. This fly brings so much to the table that just simply can't be achieved with the standard feather sporting Intruder. For starters - simply put - what fish doesn't love the action of rubber legs" The rigidity of the rubber also creates a large squid-like silhouette with minimal body materials, maximizing sink rate and castability. And, even the craftiest Berkley student schooled in the art of tie dying couldn't mimic the color combos offered by silicone. Purple tipped black with blue sparkly flakes - I couldn't dream up a better steelhead color recipe!!! To top it all off, the cherry on top for any sleep deprived guide, is the fact that they are indestructible. Since its conception, the Squidro has been an integral part of my sink tip program for both winter and summer fish.

    I have always been intrigued by the ocean phase of a steelhead's life. It's not the river-born juvenile bug eaters that keep us Intruder swinging junkies up at night. I dream of white bellied blue backed carnivores roaming the ocean for a BIG meal! One of the biggest misconceptions in steelhead fishing is the idea that steelhead prey largely on shrimp and prawns while at sea. Nothing could be further from the truth. A steelhead's diet in the salt consists mainly of squid. It's almost laughable to think of the flies that have evolved out of the falsity that steelhead eat prawns. If I'm hoping to tune into those feeding instincts ingrained during the ocean phase of a steelhead's life, it only makes sense to swim something that mimics what they were actually feeding on. When I'm in pursuit of fresh fish just off the tide, I am swinging a seafood series Squidro. As with each series of Squidro, the fly's label doesn't limit when and where I fish them. Even on the inland rivers, when the fish are bored of the 'same old' black silhouette and I find myself searching my box for that 'something different,' it's a pink or white Squidro that often gets called to duty."