Price: $59.95

    Mike Lawson
    Stackpole Books, 2003
    Subject Category: Fly Fishing For Trout
    Binding Type: Hardcover, 315 pages, 8 1/2" X 11" format.
    Retail Price: $59.95
    ISBN: 0-941130-98-3

    This is the single best trout fly fishing book so far in the 21'st Century. Mike Lawson is a keen observer. His book reflects insights into spring creeks that could only have been gained through years of careful observation. Important chapters cover mayflies, caddis, midges, terrestrials, and aquatic insects. Plus, practical and proven advice on locating, stalking, playing, and landing trout and tactics for fishing dry flies, streamers, wet flies, and nymphs, from one of the best fly fishermen in the business. Beautifully illustrated by Dave Hall. Many, many, many brilliant color photographs make this a reference book, a picture book or coffee table book. A great gift for any fly fisher