• Entry Level Spey Casting School
  • 3-students maximum per instructor
  • Spey Schools since 1998
  • Taught on moving water
  • Primarily Skagit Style Casting
Price: $175.00
    Points to Purchase:17500

    Spey Casting Schools

    Spey Casting classes are offered on Thursdays so that they can be taken consecutively with our Entry Level Steelhead Fly Fishing Schools, which are offered on Fridays.

    Spey casting can be learned quite easily with the assistance of our professional instructors Mark Bachmann and Hawkeye Hawkins. This class starts with the most basic fundamentals so that you will have a foundation on which to build your Spey casting skill set. Our approach allows you to easily understand the scientific principles of how a rod and line work together to propel your fly to the target.

    Our crash course starts in a nice warm classroom with donuts and coffee. Here, rod and line theories are discussed in detail so that before you get to the water, you have an understanding of the principles you are going to use. Next, you will ride to the river with your instructors. There, your instructors will demonstrate the theories you have already explored. Then you will take a rod into your own hands and be able to practice what you have learned.

    You will be amazed at how easy it is. All the major Spey casts will be explored. Both floating and sinking tip lines will be learned.

    Six (6) students total. For more Spey school information, click here.

    Class Schedule:

    • Meet at The Fly Fishing Shop at 8:00am for orientation and coffee.
    • A lunch will be provided.
    • Drive to the river for on-the-water practice.
    • Arrive back at The Fly Fishing Shop at 5:00pm.