• Extra Select Fly Tying Material
  • Hand Picked for Spey and Intruder fly tying
  • Both natural and UV Colors
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    • Purple
    • Hot Orange
    • Hot Red
    • Black
    • Chartreuse-UV
    • Apricot-UV
    • Silver Doctor Blue-UV
    • Hot Pink-UV

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    Extra Select Blood Quill Spey Marabou

    Nearly every feather is at least 6' long and has over 2"-3" of fine stemmed Spey Hackle. The feathers have thick stems at the base, but very fine, pliable, strong stems for about half the length of the feather. Feathers can be used for Spey hackle because the barbuals separate easily when wound from the tip. One side of a plume may be stripped, tied in at the tip and palmered over the body of a fly. This process results in a whispy animated veil over the body when the fly is submerged. Or, a feather can be trimmed where the stem is small and pliable and wrapped onto the fly from this point using a hackle pliers attached to the tip of the stem. Feathers vary naturally, but these plumes are hand picked for intruders and Spey flies, and there are very few featers that are not usable for this purpose. This kind of marabou works best for large Alaskabous, Marabou Spey Intruders and Marabou Tube Flies. This is premium material for large winter steelhead flies. These feathers are not the best for Wooly Bugger tails or applications of this nature. Thor these tying methods select: Strung Marabou, UV.