Price: $3.50

    What separates the Extractor from existing patterns on the market is:

    • How simple it is to cast.
    • The rate of speed that the fly sinks at.
    • More movement than existing commercially tied flies while using less materials.
    • 2 sections move independently of each other.

    Brian Silvey was able to achieve these results by:

    1. Tying an extremely thin body is critical to eliminating water resistance and getting this fly down fast.
    2. Using less weight to get the fly down. The only weight on the fly is the undersized eyes which mostly serve to insure the fly rides correctly in the water.
    3. Tying the fly sparse.
    4. The use of rubber to create movement. Rubber doesn't soak up water making the fly easier to cast. Once the fly hits the water the thin rubber has minimal resistance making the fly sink faster. Rubber has memory and it doesn't collapse back flat under tension. When the swing gets into the softer water the memory of the rubber tentacles cause them to flare and create tantalizing movement.