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Fish Skull Articulated Shanks Fish Skull Articulated Shanks
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The Articulated Shank? is an innovative, new fly tying material designed to simplify the tying of articulated flies. It can be used as a simple component in different styles of articulated flies such as single-hook and two-hook articulated streamers, poppers and sliders. It is also used for streamers that use a free-swinging stinger hook such as Intruder-style salmon and steelhead flies.

Montana Fly Shanks  10 per package Montana Fly Shanks  10 per package
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Montana Fly Shanks were specifically designed to take the place of the popular Waddington Double Shanks that became popular with steelhead anglers who used them as the foundation of many intruder and stinger style flies. The production of Waddington Shanks has been discontinued. Montana Fly Shanks have a couple of advantages over the former product. They are made from stainless steel, so they are less prone to rust, a real advantage for saltwater use, and they are much less expensive. Montana...

Partridge Waddington Shanks Partridge Waddington Shanks
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PARTRIDGE DOUBLE WADDINGTON SHANKS, now made from stainless steel! Popularized in the British Isles for Atlantic salmon as a way to construct big flies for use with small treble hooks, Waddington Shanks have found favor among Northwest steelhead anglers as well. In the Pacific Northwest, fly fishers tend to shun treble hooks in favor of small singles. Here the hook is rigged with a soft plastic hook holder very much like a tube fly except the leader is passed through the front loop of the...

Senyos Articulated Shanks Senyos, Articulated Shanks
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Specialized shanks for articulated freshwater and saltwater steelhead and salmon flies. Co-designed by Greg Senyo Greg Senyo is a prominent steelhead and salmon expert who has designed many leading fly tying materials. Specialized for use in intruder-style and other modern steelhead and salmon flies, Senyo's shanks have sought-after features such as a loop-up eye at the front of the shank, stronger stainless steel wire, and a slightly smaller rear loop. Bright, vibrant colors enable you to...