Many brackish water and salt-water fish will feed on the surface. Snook, tarpon, cobia, jacks, sharks, rooster fish and dorado are all susceptible to poppers at times. On the average this is as close to dry fly fishing as you are going to get in saltwater. Popper fishing can be explosive and highly visual. Our "Flashy Fish" and "Pencil Poppers" are designed to act like a wounded or escaping bait fish.

We have put emphasis on designing poppers that cast with a minimum of air resistance. Most ride low in the water for maximum disturbance, but pick up easy for a re-cast because of the smooth face design. Pencil Poppers, Flashy Fish Poppers, Witchcraft Poppers and Pained Poppers are designed this way. Flashy Fish Poppers are finished with crystal clear epoxy over woven Mylar for a life-like scale pattern. "Painted Popper" series features epoxy over stylish paint. Master Blaster and Master Jack Poppers have cupped faces for maximum disturbance. The reflective Witch Craft Popper is very lightweight and comes off the water with a minimum of disturbance. Popper are usually fished with floating lines on the surface. However, they can also be fished with intermediate lines, sinking tip lines and full sinking lines. Changing lines will give your popper selection a far more effective range of actions and applications.