Salmonfly Hatch Equalizer Kit for fly fishing.
  • 14 Flies in all
  • 6 Stonefly Nymphs
  • 8 Salmonfly/Golden Stone dry flies
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    Salmonfly Hatch Equalizer Kit

    This Equalizer Kit contains fourteen (14) flies to fish Salmonfly and Golden Stone hatches which occur in many river simultaneously across the west. These hatches start with large nymphs migrating across the bottom to find good places to crawl from the water to hatch. While migrating, these nymphs are exposed to hungry trout, and fishing large weighted nymphs can be very productive. After the insects hatch, they will return to the water to lay eggs, where they are exposed to feeding trout. These hatches create some of the most explosive dry fly fishing that will occur all year. This kit is assembled to put you on even terms with the fish and allow you to be very productive. The kit comes in a reusable snap-top clear fly box.

    Amount Kind Size
    (2) Bead Head Rubber Leg Stone, Black #4
    (2) Speckle Leg Double Bead Peacock Stone #4
    (2) Improved Rubber Leg Golden Stone Nymph #8
    (2) Trina's Dog Puke Salmonfly #6
    (2) Chubby Chernobyl, Gold #6
    (2) Rogue River Stone Salmonfly #6
    (2) Norm Wood's Special #6