• SCS Drag
• Machined and anodized aluminum One Revolution Drag Knob with numbered and detented settings
• Large arbor for fast line pick-up
• Concave arbor for greater strength and capacity
• Easy conversion from left- to right-hand retrieve
• Neoprene and embroidered ballistic nylon reel case
• Machined aluminum full frame construction
• Minimal porting for classic look and heavier balance
• Machined and anodized aluminum hub and ergonomic handle
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    Sage Spey Reels

    Reels that balance with 6-7-8 Spey rods and have the right capacity to hold lines for these rods can also double for medium duty saltwater reels for 10-12 weight single hand rods. If a reel will land a 30-pound dorado it will land any trophy steelhead. The dorado in the picture above is not 30-pounds, it is a little over 20-pounds. But I landed over twenty dorados with my 6-7-8 Sage Spey Reel between 11/05/19 and 11/13/19 and one was 30-pounds, but the picture didn't turn out. I used a 12-weight rod, 11-weight RIO Outbound line and 250-yards of #50 Gel Spun backing. The reel had plenty of clearance. The drag in these reels is incredibly smooth. The drag tension numbering system is easy to read and is totally reliable. I set my reel drag at number-11 and it was perfect for the size fish that were caught. A couple of them pulled around 150-yards of backing off the reel. The highest drag setting is 20, so I was never close to maximum capacity. These are great reels for anglers who do both Spey and Salt. Another thing I like about this reel is that it is very streamlined with little to get the line tangled around. The full-cage frame design is as practical in saltwater as for Spey. MB

    Classic aesthetics with modern performance. The SPEY introduces a reel designed for the angler looking for a reel that addresses the nuances of Spey fishing. Heavier to better balance longer rods and increased capacity to hold larger Spey lines, the SPEY features full line guards to assure thin running lines do not migrate between the spool and frame during dynamic casting motions. A romantic appeal to designs and colors that reflect the classic feel of old yet packed with performance features that will assure you’ll never lose that fish of a lifetime.

    We use what we sell, and let the clients who book trips with us use our great tackle also. The Sage Spey reel is the real deal.