• Color: Olive
  • Size: 4
Price: $3.50

    Rowell's Sticky Sculpin Tube Fly

    This is what fishing guide, Nick Rowell says about his fly: "The Sticky Sculpin was originally tied for targeting big Alaskan rainbows, while guiding on the Kanektok River. Since then, it has become a go-to steelhead fly for me. I tie this fly on when the river drops and clears, or later in the season when the fish have been in the river a while. It is especially productive in the spring, and seems to get hit extra hard that time of year. I will also go to the Sticky Sculpin as a comeback fly, or as the second fly through a run. Tie one on the next time you find a fish with another fly, the natural look of the sculpin will often convince them to eat."