• Rock Sticker Boot Studs
  • 30 studs per pack, enough for a pair of boots + some extra
  • Machined from hardened steel 
  • Similar in performance to tungsten carbide studs
  • 10X Rewards Points
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    Rock Sticker Boot Studs

    These boot studs are made from hardened steel, which is machined with sharp edges.  The boots pictured above have been used about 25 fishing days and 20% are due for replacement for best performance.  In all studded sole wading shoes, some studs wear faster than others. Of the 13 studs in the sole pictured above, the two top edge ones near the ball of my foot wear quicker than any others. There should be one added near my arch in this same line, for a total of 14 studs per boot.  The 30 pack covers this.