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10 Spey VersiLeader 10 Spey VersiLeader
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10 Spey VersiLeader Full Set 10 Spey VersiLeader Full Set
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All six densities are organized in individual zip-lock pouches within a beautiful Cordura pouch. That way, you can easily carry the full selection and always have what you need. These VersiLeaders are adaptable to all kinds of fly lines above size 6. They are most comfortable with size 7-8-9 lines. They will work well with all Spey and saltwater lines.

RIO Light Scandi VersiLeders RIO, Light Scandi VersiLeders, floating, or intermediate slow sinking, steelhead spey leaders, atlantic salmon spey leaders
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RIO Light Scandi VersiLeders RIO Light Scandi VersiLeders are slimmer and trimmer than regular Spey VeriLeaders to mate up with Sandi shooting heads, which are tapered to slightly smaller diameters than regular Spey lines. These leaders make a very smooth power flow from the line to the fly, especially when using smaller summer steelhead flies. Tight loops are famously awesome and easily attainable. The floating model of Light Scandi VersiLeder has another huge asset over other leaders. While...

RIO’S VersiLeaders have a strong nylon core of 25 lbs and come in a range of different sink rates. They are a great addition to Spey lines and Scandinavian style heads and provide the angler with a wide range of quick-change depth options. A neat, bullet-proof welded loop at the butt end allows for fast rigging. The leaders are available with the following sink rates:

1.5 ips (clear loop)
3 ips (green loop)
4 ips (red loop)
5 ips (blue loop)
7 ips (black loop)