Best Steelhead/Salmon Leaders Out There
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    RIO Steelhead/Salmon Knotless Tapered Leaders

    The Most Popular Leaders For Anadromous Fish
    RIO Steelhead/Salmon Knotless Tapered Leaders are very popular for use
    with both single-hand and double-hand rods of all lengths. Extra tippet
    may be added to these leaders when using longer rods or when fishing
    over steelhead and salmon that have become line-shy. Each leader is made
    from hard, abrasion resistant nylon favored for anadromous species.
    Great turnover and presentation for all sizes of flies commonly fished
    for steelhead and Atlantic Salmon.
    Average Use:
    6' leaders are most often used with sinking tip Skagit style lines.
    9' leaders are normally used with single-hand, switch and shorter double-hand rods
    12' are used with longer single hand and most double-hand rods