• Steelhead Waking Fly
  • Needs no fly foatant, but is okay if added
  • Wakes in any kind of currents that will hold steelhead
  • Easy to cast
  • Easy to see
  • Durable
  • 10X Rewards Points  
Price: $4.95

    RIO's Steel Plow

    What RIO says: Hooking a steelhead on a skated fly is one of the most rewarding experiences in fly fishing. As we sought out to develop a �top-shelf� steelhead skater we turned to an unlikely source for inspiration - blacksmith John Deere�s original walking steel plow. Our #4 short-shanked hook acts as a rudder and helps keep the fly in the surface tension even during violent grabs, while the plow handles act as outriggers, giving the fly balance and the simulation of wings. The flash and hackles catch water and light to give indication of movement and life and an orange sighter helps you track this fly across the early morning slicks.

    What Mark says: To say that this style of fly is revolutionary is an understatement. The "Plow" is a complete paradigm shift in waking fly design that will create a whole new category of flies, called plows.  In the near future anglers will admit that, "they plowed a whole run, or my new pattern is tied plow style".  These flies are cute, and many anglers will want to use them to be in the IN crowd. That in itself will draw success. A fly has t be in the water to catch fish. But a fly has to catch fish to become popular. And if this fly is used where steelhead or Atlantic salmon will rise this fly will work, because an angler can be a total neophyte and this style will catch fish that will rise to any dry fly. Plows float in any kind of water that will hold steelhead as long as they are fished with a floating fly line. Even if you pull them under, they will come back to the surface.  They can be fished upstream in conventional dry fly trout fashion. Or they can be fished downstream and waked or popped. We have tried all of these methods. They are the one dry fly type we will never be without when fishing for steelhead.