Superior Scandi Spey Leaders
  • Made for Scandi Casting
  • Two types: Floating, Intermediate
  • Mark's favorite floating-line Spey leaders
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    RIO Light Scandi VersiLeders

    RIO Light Scandi VersiLeders are slimmer and trimmer than regular Spey VeriLeaders to mate up with Sandi shooting heads, which are tapered to slightly smaller diameters than regular Spey lines. These leaders make a very smooth power flow from the line to the fly, especially when using smaller summer steelhead flies. Tight loops are famously awesome and easily attainable.

    The floating model of Light Scandi VersiLeder has another huge asset over other leaders. While being nearly invisible to fish, it is highly visible to the caster making correct anchor placement much easier than with a clear leader. This aspect makes casting instruction much easier as well. I have used these white leaders while making casting presentations at the last three Sandy River Spey Claves and enjoyed much positive feedback from students who for the first time could actually see what was going on. "Touch and go casts" are much easier if you get the right amount of leader anchored in the right place. Everything is easier for those who can see.

    The clear intermediate leader is perfect for getting your fly slightly deeper.