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 Retractor Tape Measure  Retractor Tape Measure
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Tape Measure Retractor Just the right amount of tape to measure a 20-pound steelhead. A handy, convenient way to measure many different kinds of fish of all sizes. Measuring a steelhead/salmon to calculate weight is an inexact science, but you can come pretty close. Here are some of the accepted guidelines: A 24" fish will weigh approximately 4-pounds (well kind of). Then for each additional inch in length add a pound. Girth of each fish will greatly influence the actual weight, and as you can...

Anglers Accessories Retractor, Chrome, Clip-on, front view, Picture
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Anglers Accessories Retractor, Chrome, Pin-on, with stainless steel cable, front view, picture
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Fishpond swivel retractors in lichen and gunmetal, picture
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With the goal of designing and manufacturing the most functional and elegant retractor on the market, fishpond has created the revolutionary Lock-Tight 360-Degree Swivel Retractor. With its patented "push button" locking pin-mount mechanism, this retractor swivels 360 degrees, so your accessories and coil are not pinned down when you really need them to face up...or even sideways. These are unbelievably durable.

The Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor is machined from 6060 aerospace aluminum, picture of front horizontal
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Fishpond Arrowhead Retractor Quite possibly the most purposeful, elegant, and timeless piece of design by mankind is the arrowhead. This iconic treasure brings back visions of our American identity like nothing else. We add to this legacy with a new age tool that is machined and hand-crafted in Colorado. Instead of stone, we use 6060 aerospace aluminum. This could be the most purposeful and useful tool for any angler ...

Gear Keeper Lanyard Gear Keeper Lanyard
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Nylon cord with 1" split ring used for larger attachment points; also split ring can be removed and lanyard may be looped and cinched around gear.

Gear Keeper Pliers Tether Gear Keeper Pliers Tether
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Streamline method for tethering pliers with the holster. Acts as a safety tether (like a coil lanyard), but it's also a retractor so you can just let the pliers go and they will retract and suspend from the Gear Keeper. Stainless steel components survive in salt water environments. Quick Connect (Q/C) Split Ring allows quick and easy tool disconnection

Gear Keeper Wading Staff Retractor Gear Keeper Wading Staff Retractor
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Item #: RT4-1072 -

With threaded stud and mount and heavy duty snap-clip. Keeps the staff handle at your side - away from your fishing line, but easily accessible when you need it. Just grab your staff and use it. When you don't need it, just drop the handle and the staff is back at your waist again! Built to last. Designed to survive extended saltwater and chlorine exposure. Sand and debris are flushed from unit when operated in water. New Quick Connect-II System adds convenience and flexibility.

Magnetic Net Retriever Magnetic Net Retriever
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This retractor uses a pair of self aligning magnets to secure your net anywhere you want to store it on your person. You can easily detach the net for use and then the magnets automatically align when they are placed in close proximity to each other to replace your net back in the storage position. A bungee cord of just the right length fastens to each magnet to keep your net within reach in case you drop it. This is the best net retriever we have found.

Simms Retractors are proven performers, Picture
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Dig less, fish more, and keep imperative tools primed for action via Simms' new and improved injection molded Retractor. Attachment stems from a stainless steel pin that's compatible with all Simms waders and packs, while the rugged PE coil extends the reach of your nippers, pliers, and tippet spools to about two feet.