• Color: Lichen Green
  • Floating Skagit Line
  • Combats Wind
Price: $54.95

    Airflo Rage Compact Floating Skagit Shooting Head

    The Airflo Rage Compact shooting head was designed to combat extremely windy weather and tight quarter casting situations. Many desert steelhead rivers such as the Deschutes and Snake can have wicked afternoon winds, making it extremely difficult for all but the most experienced casters to fish floating lines. Many anglers believe the Rage casts better in all conditions than traditional Scandi lines, because of its shorter, more aggressive front taper. It is more adaptable when adding Poly Leaders and VersiLeaders or even lightweight sinking tips than most traditional Scandi lines. The short rear taper built into the Rage helps your rod to load quickly, giving you incredible control and launch speed in tight casting conditions.

    The Rage's characteristics also allow you to maintain the compact casting stroke that works so well when executing sustained anchor Skagit casts. Rage heads may be used equally well when using sustained anchor casts or touch-and-go casts. Rage lines fit about half way between Scandi and Skagit lines. If your rod requires a 450 Scandi and a 510 Skagit, it will like a 480 Rage.

    The Rage is fast becoming the line of choice for fishing surface and near surface presentations. The Lichen green color stands out, so you see your head at any distance, allowing a measure of control during the swing/drift.

    Nine sizes from 360 to 600 grains, and lengths of 28" to 32" make matching the proper size to almost any two-handed rod easy. There are heavy duty loops at both ends, and the front loop has the line size printed on it making for easy changing and head recognition. As with other Airflo Skagit heads, the Rage is built on a low stretch/low memory 30lb. braided power core.

    Head wt Rod wt Head Front Taper Belly Rear Taper Loop Color
    360gr 4/5 28 13 12.5 2 Medium Gray
    390gr 5/6 28 13 12.5 2 Brown
    420gr 5/6 29 13.5 13 2 White
    450gr 6/7 29 13.5 13 2 Tan
    480gr 7/8 30 14 13.5 2 Yellow
    510gr 7/8 30 14 13.5 2 Pink
    540gr 8/9 31 14 14.5 2 Orange
    570gr 8/9 31 14 14.5 2 Light Green
    600gr 8/9 32 14 15.5 2 Dark Green

    The video below shows the Rage line in action: