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 Masks by Sam  Made In Oregon Protective Masks, Washable
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Made In Oregon Protective Masks Oregon has had one of the lowest rates of infection and deaths from Covid-19 in the USA. Oregonians love to play outdoors and stay healthy. We also love fly fishing and our abundant fisheries. Oregon has a lot of green in the varied landscapes. That is why these masks are reversible with fishing motifs on one side and green tones on the other. So you can display your affection for fishing when you are feeling sociable and the other side when you are in the mood...

Picture, Buff Filter Mask, Karen Blue, Head-on
Price: $29.00
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Buff Protective Filter Face Mask This is a mask to wear if you are seriously active and are serious about stopping the spread of infectious diseases in the general public. This series of masks may not be suitable for health professionals working with patients who already have infectious diseases. But, this mask will work to diminish risks when going through normal routines. ...

Picture, Montana Fly Company Protective Face Mask With Two Filters
Price: $14.00
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Montana Fly Company Protective Face Masks Protect yourself from Covid-19. These Face masks with a provided filter in place internally are designed to decrease the chances of contracting or spreading Covid-19 Made from comfortable, soft, washable, stretchy fabric. Has adjustable ear loops. You might as well look good and have fun while while carrying out your social respsopcability. ...

Protect yourself from Covid-19.

Not all protective face masks are made off-shore. Some are made in Oregon. Check out our selection!