• Small: 7mm
  • Medium: 9mm
  • Large: 11mm
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    • Blue Metallic
    • Chartreuse
    • Fluorescent Pink
    • Gold Metallic
    • Gunsmoke Metallic
    • Purple Metallic
    • Red
    • Red Metallic
    • Ultra Orange


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    The latest disc design and the world's first brass disc with holes. This is the future of modern fly design without a doubt!

    The Pro Soft Sonic disc was a huge success so they decided to make a disc with holes and a little more weight. The result is the Pro Ultra Sonic disc.

    The Pro Ultra Sonic disc shape is optimized to create a vortex behind the disc, allowing soft modern materials to swim freely instead of collapsing in hard current. And yet it is still very easy to lift off the water due to the venting holes.

    Comes in three sizes:

    • Small: 7mm
    • Medium: 9mm
    • Large: 11mm

    Available in 12 cool pure and chromatic colors:

    Black, Red, Ultra Orange, Chartreuse, Fluorescent Yellow, Fluorescent Pink, Blue Metallic, Red Metallic, Purple Metallic, Gunsmoke Metallic, Silver, Gold