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    Pro 3D tabbed eyes are made using cutting edge 3D printing technology to create an ultra lightweight and strong solution when tying baitfish or squid imitations. Use it alone or as a mold if you are looking for a UV resin head. The edges on the tapped eyes serve as stopper walls preventing the resin to run off the eye, making it a breeze to tie uniform flies. The size range spans from the smallest 5mm for small trout streamers, to 10mm for winter steelhead flies, to the monster 16mm size for the biggest pike, musky, billfish flies.

    Tabbed Eyes are super easy to tie with. The back of each eye is sticky so it naturally wants to stay in place while you are tying. Just stick the eye to the fly and wrap down the tab with your tying thread.

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    Pro tab eyes

    Great service on a backordered item, got them ahead of schedule. Thanks guys for the heads up and early delivery. Love the product!