• Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes are revolutionary
  • The hook holder is molded to the smaller diameter tying tube
  • One piece construction
  • 6-colors for salmon and steelhead
  • Durable and practical
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    • Black
    • Clear
    • Cyan Blue
    • Orange
    • Pink
    • Red

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    Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes

    Finally there is a tying tube which comes with the hook holder attached (permanently). No more cutting and fitting different diameters of tubing together with messy, noxious smelly glues. These fly tying tubes are stepped with the hook holder built in. Flexitubes are 80mm (3 1/8") long and can be trimmed and customized into many different configurations. 14 Per Pack.

    Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes can be easily trimmed to any length with a razor blade or scissors. Cut ends may be flamed to smooth edges. Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes have 40mm of each diameter, 80mm total (3 1/8" overall).

    The thinner tube at the front will accept Pro Dropweights, Pro Flexiweights, Pro Raw Weights, Pro Conediscs, Pro Softdiscs, Pro Sonicdiscs, Pro Sportfisher Cones, Pro Ultra Sonicdiscs as well as HMH 3/32" ID Cone Heads.

    Hard rain turned the river off-color and the steelhead turned dour.
    This simple Fluorescent Red & Orange Bunny Leech fly was tied in camp in less than five minutes using an orange Pro Sportfisher Flexitube and materials from the portable fly tying kit.

    The next morning a couple of steelhead were landed using the "camp fly".
    The fly wasn't pretty, but it was effective. Flexitubes make fly tying, and changing hooks easy.

    Here are some popular flies that are tied with Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes:

    Lady GaGa Intruder: by Travis Johnson, Two Colors

    Mark's Tube Spey Intruder: by Mark Bachmann, Three Colors

    Shrimpton: by Nick Rowell, two Colors
    We were the first store to sell Pro Sportfisher Flexitubes in the United States.