• Adaptable to many styles of flies
  • 30mm
  • May be trimmed for length
  • Fits all Pro Sprotfisher weights, cones and discs
  • Fits all sized of Pro Sportfisher Hook Guides
  • (7) Colors
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    • Black
    • Clear
    • Fluorescent Red
    • Fluorescent Yellow
    • Hot Green
    • Hot Orange
    • Hot Pink

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    Pro Sportfisher Microtubes

    The Pro Sportfisher Microtube is the foundation of a totally new concept in tube fly tying, which allows every tier more artistic freedom than ever before! With the addition of a Pro Sportfisher Hookguide, a Pro Sportfisher Microtube achieves a number of desirable features. The tube is very small in diameter so that you can construct flies that are very streamlined and very easy to cast, but which keeps the hook connected to the fly in a very secure fashion for a minimum of tangles.

    These tubes can be trimmed to any length to suit your needs. Very small flies to very large flies can be tied on these tubes. Converting traditional bucktail style fly patterns to tube flies has never been easier. The traditional steelhead bucktail fly configuration has been standardized over the past fifty years. Most have a two-tone body, a wet fly style hackle and a wing made from hair slanted back over the top. The only basic difference between flies are the colors used in their construction. Now you can carry a small box of flies and have possibly a hundred different color combinations to match any fishing situation you might encounter, simply by changing the hook-holder colors.

    Different sizes of Pro Hook Guides can also be used to change the size of the fly. With a system like this you can tie several different colors of fly "front-ends" and uttilise an assortment of sizes and colors of hook guides and have many different color combinations and sizes of flies with very little bulk to carry.
    Cone-Heads, Pro Sportfisher Dropweights and Pro Sportfisher Flexiweights can be added to Pro Sportfisher Microtubes. This system renders the advantage of being able to to tie the exact same fly in several weights, so that you can fish at the exact depth you want.