• Heavier than brass
  • Easy to use
  • Quadruple coated
  • Beautiful
  • Fits all Pro Microtubes, Flexitubes, Nanotubes, AND Medium Classic tubes
Price: $7.99
    Points to Purchase:799
    • 5mm Gunsmoke Metallic
    • 6mm Gunsmoke Metallic
    • 5mm Blue Metallic
    • 6mm Blue Metallic
    • 5mm Chartreuse
    • 6mm Chartreuse
    • 5mm Ultra Orange
    • 6mm Ultra Orange
    • 5mm Fluorescent Pink
    • 6mm Fluorescent Pink

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    The ultimate metal beads for tying with Pro Microtubes, Flexitubes, Nanotubes, and Medium Classic tubes. Perfect for tying the popular Silvinator steelhead fly series.

    Mark's Basty Nastard

    This is the simplest guide fly, but has proven itself many times.
    Hook: TMC 105 #4
    Tube: Pro Microtube, orange, shortened
    Hook Holder: Pro Hookguide, large pink
    Tails: (2) fine bound rubber legs, orange
    Body: equal parts of pink and orange Bait Fish Emulator Flash mixed and spun in a loop, then palmered up the tube.
    The Basty Nastard can be tied any length and out of any colors of Baitfish Emulator.
    Pinkish orange has been most productive.
    Here an Ultra Orange Pro Flexi Bead (small) was added for extra weight.

    Brian Silvey's Silvinator

    Another simple, but effective steelhead fly. This one was tied by Mark Bachmann.
    Hook: TMC 105 #4
    Tube: Pro Microtube, black, shortened
    Hook Holder: Pro Hookguide, large, blue
    Body & Tail: black straight cut rabbit strip
    Flash: three strands of rainbow Flashabou up each side of rabbit strip
    Hackle: Black Schappen with some base fluff
    Bead: In this fly a heavy bead is an integral part of the pattern
    I chose metallic blue, but the most popular popular Silvinator uses an Orange bead.
    Black and blue has been a very popular color combination, so has purple with a pink bead.