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    These beautifully finished chrome plated brass weights allow a tier to customize both the weight and balance of any fly while they are tying it. These weights can be added at any point in the fly, including in front like a cone head. The blunt large end of each tapered weight is designed to buttress the base of a hackle and/or wing assembly to help it resist the flow of the water. This allows the fly to retain a larger diameter when wet. Dropweights can be added to flies in single or multiple-weight configurations. Dropweights can be used in conjunction with Flexiweights and/or Cone Heads. We call this fly the Scandi Squid because it represents a squid, but is tied in a traditional Scandinavian tube fly style. Notice the Jungle Cock Eyes are at the rear of the fly. This pattern uses a large Drop Weight between the dubbed body and the wing/hackle assembly. This allows the fly to fish deeper and helps to retain its frontal swell when fishing in strong currents. The wing is a mixture of Finn Coon and Angel Hair. A Daiichi X-Point Saltwater Hook has been added. The opening of the hook holder has been reduced slightly with heat. We don't recommend that you do this in most cases, only when using hooks constructed with very small eyes.