• Ties both Smaller or larger flies than Microtubes or Flexitubes
  • Mix and match tube diameter to add hook holders
  • Make custom length tubes
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    Pro Sportfisher Classic Tubing

    Some fly tiers want to create and cut their own tubes to desired lengths - and for them, we offer the Pro Sportfisher Classic Tube, extruded style tubing available in a clear in four carefully calculated dimensions (Small, medium, Large and XL/Predator). This allows the tier to create tube flies from the smallest Trout or Steelhead flies to large Intruders and beyond! All-Pro Sportfisher Classic tube is sold in either "6-packs" or in the case of the XL predator "4-packs" where each piece comes packaged straight as opposed to coiled at a length of 20cm/200mm.(7.87in) for a total of 1.2 meters/pack. (47.24in)

    Small Tubing: requires a Pro Sportfiser her Flexineedle Small...It will fit Classic Small, Medium as well as injection molded Pro 40/40 tubes, Pro Microtubes and Pro Nanotubes. Medium Tubing can be used with either Pro Sportfisher Flexineedle Standard (Large) or Flexineedle Small.

    Pro Sportfisher Classic Sizing O.D.:

    • Pro Classic Small is 1.4mm O.D.
    • Pro Classic Medium is 2.2mm O.D.
    • Pro classic Large is 3.2 mm O.D.
    • Pro Classic XL/ predator is 4.8mm O.D.

    **Pro Classic Medium @2.2mm O.D. is the same as the tying surface for Pro 40/40, Pro Micro & Pro Nano. Each previously mentioned tube style fits all Pro Sportfisher weights, cones, discs, heads, and other add-ons**