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Prism Cast Large Arbor Spool Prism Cast Large Arbor Spool
Price: $44.95
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Item #: TFR P CLA -

Consistent with TFO's tradition of offering high performance gear at an affordable price, the new Prism Cast Large Arbor Reels are made from cast aluminum with a cork disc drag and a one way clutch bearing for instant drag engagement. They feature quick change spools and easy LH/RH conversion.The Prism Series are very good reels at affordable prices.MODELDESCRIPTIONDIAMETERWIDTHWEIGHTCAPACITYPRICETFR P CLA 3/4TFO Prism Cast Large Arbor Reel 3/42.75"1"4.9 oz.80 yards/20lb./WF3F$89.95TFR P CLA...

TFO Prism 911 Best Buy Large Arbor Spey Reel, quartering, picture
Retail: $109.95
Price: $59.95
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Item #: 8332S -

TFO Prism 911 Spey Reel - 0n Sale - a great reel at the best price! We have sold this reel for the past nine years. None have been returned for any reason. The 911 has been our pet combo Spey reel, with hundreds sold. TFO decided to close them out and we bought all of them, so you can save a lot of money on a great reel. Featuring genuine bronze pushing and stainless steel internal parts, these reels really last, (like the one below, which belongs to Tony Barnes since 2011, and caught dozens...